School Trips & Visits

At St Mark’s we aim to offer children many opportunities to be educated outside of the school environment. We believe that real life experiences are invaluable when it comes to unlocking learning and engaging children. Trips are linked to many curriculum areas and will involve a range of inspiring activities and these visits take place locally or further afield. External providers are also invited into school to host workshops, shows and assemblies to enhance the curriculum. Throughout the year there are additional opportunities for children to be selected to participate in team building, sporting or musical activities.

From Y1 upwards, the children will go to a local place of worship linked to the Religious Education curriculum. During the course of your child’s time at St Mark’s he/she will have had the chance to visit a synagogue, mosque, gurdwara, mandir and church.

We value any parental support with accompanying the children on trips, please feel free to advise your child’s class teacher if you are able to assist with school excursions. In addition, if you have any contacts with exciting/ interesting places to visit, please let us know as we are always aiming to broaden the possibilities on offer for our children.