Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage

All you need to know about life in Nursery and Reception.

At St Mark’s Primary School we aim to give children the best possible start to their education. We want them to develop a love of learning that will continue to develop and grow as they move through the school.

Children start at our Nursery in the September after they turn three. We operate two sessions per day ~ 8.40 -11.40am and 12.10-3.10pm. Our aim for the children’s year in our Nursery year is to equip them with the skills they will need to help them become independent and active learners.

Our Nursery has their own dedicated team of staff who are there to provide a secure and nurturing environment for our youngest pupils. We also offer free-flow access to a dedicated outdoor space. From this secure base the children have the opportunity to explore new activities and to become part of our wider school community by participating in school assemblies and nativity productions.

Reception and Nursery staff work closely together to aid children in their transition from Nursery to school. Reception teachers spend time with the children in Nursery and build links through shared activities.

In Reception we continue to build on the foundations laid down by Nursery. The children work towards the statutory Early Learning Goals throughout the year, with a particular focus on Reading, Writing and Maths. They are encouraged to develop their independence further thinking about how to tackle problems and to have a go even if they aren’t sure of the outcome.

We are very proud of our children and their achievements.