Central to our curriculum is the personal development of every child in our school. Individuals’ different learning needs and styles are taken in to account and everyone is challenged and included in order to experience success. Our curriculum reflects the locality of the school and the diverse backgrounds of the children within it. We ensure that local traditions and our community are celebrated through learning and school life. St. Mark’s is extremely fortunate to have a large outside environment with a nature area and pond and access to The Island. Opportunities for outdoor learning exist within and across all curriculum areas and help to develop personal and social skills, communication, problem solving, thinking skills and teamwork, as well as English, Mathematics and all other curriculum areas.

Our curriculum is designed to be broad and deliver the National Curriculum through topics which create a narrative that children understand and enables them to make links both personally and with the wider world. Children are taught a bespoke range of topics through which the mastery of facts and information leads to and underpins the application of a wide range of skills. Our curriculum structure builds upon itself through appropriately sequenced content which is deepened over time through intelligent repetition and revision.

Teachers plan lessons which offer learning through first hand experiences which allow the children to develop and retain knowledge and develop skills and the learning dispositions necessary to allow them to be resilient, creative, curious and critical thinkers. Both skills and knowledge are equally valued and expertly taught alongside each other.

The staff, parents and children of St Mark’s have developed our core curriculum themes, these themes are woven through out our teaching of the curriculum.

To find out more about the curriculum St Mark’s is following please click on the links below or feel free to contact the Phase Leaders (Mrs Allsop in EYFS, Mrs Mohindru in Years 1/2/3 and Miss Booth in Years 4/5/6).
The termly curriculum overview for each year group can be found here.

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