Over the last few years there have been many discussions nationally about children attending school and the impact absence has on the child’s development and academic achievements. Some of this information is confusing and some parents never quite know what the impact of their child’s absence has on their attainment (what grades they get) and progress.


A child who attends school every day for the whole year is awarded with 100% and this is celebrated in every school. However we are realistic to know that most children at sometime or other will have a minor illness. At our school the average attendance is 96.3%


90% attendance during 1 school year = ½ day missed every week!
90% attendance during 1 school year = 1 day missed every other week!
90% attendance during 1 school year = 4 whole weeks of lessons missed!
90% attendance over 5 years of school = ½ a school year missed!
Research suggests that 17 missed school days a year = GCSE grade DROP in achievement.
Source: (DfE)