Additional Educational Needs

Special educational needs (SEN) that affect a child’s ability to learn can include their :

  • Behaviour or social skills
  • Reading, writing and Maths
  • Ability to understand things
  • Concentration levels
  • Physical needs or impairments

At St Mark’s Primary School our aims are:

  • To create an environment that meets the Special educational needs of each child;
  • To ensure that the needs of children are identified, assessed and provided for;
  • To make clear the expectations of all partners in the process;
  • To identify the roles and responsibilities of staff in providing for children’s special educational needs;
  • To enable all children to have full access to all elements of the school curriculum;
  • To foster a sense of self-worth, self-confidence and self-awareness, enabling each child to maximise their inherent qualities and develop a positive attitude to life;
  • To maintain close co-operation and effective liaison between staff/pupils/parents as well as between school and external agencies

St Mark’s Primary School Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

This policy was developed as a response to, and is reflective of the SEN Code of Practice 0-25 (September 2014).

It should be read in conjunction with the following policies

  • Accessibility
  • Behaviour
  • Child Protection
  • Safeguarding

St Mark’s SEND policy 

St Mark’s SEND School offer (SEND information Report)