Life in Year 6

Sharman Class: Miss Booth
Gagarin Class: Miss Geary

During Year 6 we will be encouraging the children to become as responsible and independent as possible. Elections for house captains and pupil parliament have taken place. Additionally all the children in Year 6 will have opportunities to carry out a range of duties and responsibilities throughout the year. Although the school day officially starts at 8.55am the children will be allowed to come into class from 8.45am and work on their first task of the day. Please ensure that your child is at school on time with the correct uniform, including PE kit.

Regular homework is given out on Friday and expected back in on Tuesday although additional work may be given throughout the week. Homework must be completed as this is vital preparation for SATS and High School.  It is very important that your child reads for at least 20 minutes per night and has a good knowledge of their times tables. Your child will have a homework diary similar to those given to pupils at High school. Children are expected to carry these diaries between home and school each day and to check them for upcoming important dates and deadlines. We ask that parents sign the diary twice a week to show that your child is reading at home.

During the course of the year there will be several trips which the Year 6 children will benefit from to support the curriculum. Also in the summer term we hope to be able to take the children to visit a mosque as part of our RE curriculum. There is also the PGL residential trip to Osmington Bay which supports the children’s development of independence, responsibility and social development. The curriculum map for Year 6 is available here: Year 6 Curriculum Map

After completing their SATs in May 2020 (compulsory national tests) the children will have an end of year production to prepare for as well as completing tasks to aid the transition process to high school.

This final year of primary school is an important and busy time for the children and we thank you in advance for your support. We would ask that if you need to speak to one of us that you make an appointment or leave a message with the office staff.

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