Life in Year 3

Glennie Class: Mr Smith
Emidy Class: Mr Cunningham (Mrs Carrer on maternity leave)
Marshall Class: Mrs Jones/Miss Penn


In Year 3 the structure of the school day remains similar to that in Key Stage 1, although the noticeable change for the children is the loss of play time in the afternoon.

To ensure that the children remain focused and engaged we include numerous fun hands on activities for them throughout day.  Across the school we maintain high expectations of the children; we cater to all their needs and create environments that help to nurture their learning. In Year 3 we are still part of the phase group linked to Year 2. We try to integrate the two year groups where appropriate such as assemblies and some trips and visits.

The curriculum map for Year 3 is available here: Year 3 Curriculum Map

To promote reading and encourage children to read, Year 3 will have access to the school library and will have one session a week where they can take out two books; a fiction and a non-fiction text each. Please ensure that your child brings these books back to school on the correct day so that they continue to explore different reading materials.

Communication between home and school is greatly appreciated. Each child will have a reading diary and be given a levelled reading book and a choice book to read at home and we ask that children bring these in on their reading day. This is so that we change their books and record a brief comment about their in class reading. Please make any relevant comments about the reading you have done at home as this is always valuable and much appreciated feedback. We do encourage children to continue reading books that they may have at home, exposure to a range of different authors and genres will benefit them.

In Year 3 the children receive weekly homework. This will comprise of an English, Maths and spelling activities.  This is designed to consolidate what the children have been learning in school.  Children will receive spellings which we ask that you practice to learn the spelling pattern as well as to reinforce handwriting formation. There will not be a spelling test. Homework will be given on a Friday and is due back the following Friday.

We hope that this year will be fun, exciting and full of lots of great learning experiences for the children. It is an important time for them as they progress and ultimately move further up the school and we appreciate your continued support.