Welcome to Reception

In Reception we are named after Artists:
Mc Queen Class: Miss Cope
Kahlo Class: Mrs Allsop


At St Mark’s we believe that all our children and school community have special skills and talents. In Reception we lay the foundations for future success.

A child’s Early Education lasts a lifetime, yet they pass by so quickly. At St Mark’s we work very hard to ensure that your children receive the highest quality of learning and development achievable. We provide a wide range of experiences and opportunities based on the needs and interests of the children, making sure that all areas of development receive attention in a fun and stimulating way.

We focus on high quality learning through play and recognise that there is no one-way to achieve the best for your children. We enjoy a culture of change and challenge, in which we put your children at the heart of any decision regarding teaching and learning.

A wide range of teaching approaches are used, both formal and informal, they sit side by side in a well-planned curriculum, where both the indoor and outdoor environment are used creatively. We provide challenging, open-ended activities, to encourage and promote problem solving, creativity and critical thinking.

All of this is provided in a safe, stimulating environment. Nurturing, respectful and collaborative relationships are developed, with, not only your children but with you the family. We work towards enabling your children to become responsible citizens, aware that they have a “voice” which will be listened to.

We want our children to view coming to school as an adventure: every day full of fun, mystery and wonder!

Let the adventure begin…