St Mark’s Nursery provides a secure, caring and stimulating environment where children are treated as individuals and feel respected, valued and confident.

Each child will be encouraged to progress, learn and develop a sense of self whilst making full use of our many resources and fun topics.
In planning the curriculum we work towards incorporating positive opportunities for all children whilst reflecting diversity and addressing issues of race, culture, gender and disability offering each child equal access to support, development and learning.

At St Mark’s we:

  • Treat you and your child with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Aim to promote good relationships between parents/carers and the staff, respecting and valuing your view as the prime carer of your child, and involving you in all discussions about your child.
  • Hold regular meetings to discuss your child’s progress with you and any involved professionals.
  • Respect and pay due regards to each child’s individual needs taking into account their race, gender, ethnicity, language and disability.

Our nursery is a fun place to be and the day doesn’t revolve around getting a job done or ticking boxes. We are flexible, patient, enthusiastic yet professional. Our main priority is the children’s safety and well being.

If you would like to talk to us about our nursery or your child, please make an appointment for either 11.30 or 3.30

Mrs Marsh
Mrs Tuckwell