Discipline and Pastoral Care

The school provides a caring environment in which every child should feel happy and secure. We aim to encourage positive attitudes to each other and expect everyone to be treated with politeness and courtesy. The school has a Code of Conduct and a behaviour policy which clearly explain what the expectations are of children in and out of school. We also monitor children’s behaviour using a STEPS procedure. Children who cannot live within the bounds of the school’s code of conduct may have privileges withdrawn. With cases of persistent behaviour problems, parents will be involved in seeking a solution. As a last resort children who persistently break the school’s code of behaviour will be excluded for up to five days.

Lateness and Absence

Lateness disrupts the start of the day and is upsetting for the other children and for teachers. If your child is ill, or will be late for particular reasons, please phone the school immediately to let us know. On your return to school please send a note, as we have to record all reasons for absence. Parents of children who are persistently late or frequently absent will be contacted by the headteacher.
If you wish your child to be absent from the school for a particular reason, other than illness, this must be authorised by the headteacher. Forms to request absence are available from the office. All absence is monitored on our computer system and the School Attendance Officer makes regular visits to check on those who fall below 90%.

Arrival and Collection

Any child who has not been collected must go to the member of the Senior Leadership Team who is on duty that day, to be looked after until their parents/carer arrives. We need to know in advance who is to collect your child. If you change your plan, even for one day, you MUST let us know as we will not allow a child to go with another adult unless we have been given parental permission.

Supervision and security during the day

To monitor visitors to the site there are security locks on front and rear entrances. At infant playtimes, the playground gate is locked because of concerns about the dangers from traffic. Visitors to the site are expected to wear badges which show that they have checked in at the school office. Any adult not wearing such a badge, and not known to school staff, will be challenged and asked to return to the office to sign in.

First Aid & Medicines

Minor injuries are dealt with by school staff  who have received training. Injuries are recorded in the accident book. Notes are sent home to let parents know that treatment has been given or are spoken to, if possible, at the end of the day. If the injury is more serious, parents will be contacted straight away. We are an asthma friendly school and all our staff are given regular training on how to deal with issues which may arise.

Children who are on regular medication e.g. for asthma are dealt with by qualified First Aiders. We cannot administer other medicines e.g. a course of antibiotics.

Personal Accident

Although the school carries standard insurance cover, we do not carry personal accident insurance for pupils. Parents may wish to make their own arrangements either with a separate policy or through their household policies.


Lost property – clothing and other articles handed in are placed in the lost property box outside Year 2 classroom. Watches, money or similar valuables are handed into the office and must be claimed personally.

School property – any item of school property lost or damaged through negligence will be subject to a replacement charge.