School Catering

School Lunches

We are members of the Ealing Healthy Schools’ Project and encourage all children to eat a balanced diet.

Hot meals are provided at the school daily or children may bring a healthy packed lunch.

School dinners are provided by Harrison Catering Services. These cost £2.35 per meal for juniors. Payment is made in advance online at

Pupils in Year 6 must be in credit on their account to receive a school meal. Alternatively you need to provide your child with a packed lunch.

For Pupils in Yrs 3 – 5  if your account becomes in debt to the amount of £11.50 then your child’s school lunches will be stopped and you will be expected to provide a packed lunch for your child.

If you wish to change your lunchtime arrangements, please give a week’s notice to Harrison Catering.

To view the current menu please see below:

St Marks Menu Autumn 2019


Universal Free School Meals for Key Stage 1

Children in KS1 (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) are entitled to universal free school meals via a government initiative.

Free School Meals

If parents are in receipt of Income Support, then your child/children may be entitled to a free school meal. Please collect an application form from the office if this is the case, even if your child has a packed lunch.

For more information on entitlement to free school meals click here »

Packed Lunches

Packed lunches should be in a named container and be healthy and nut free. Please do not send your child to school with sweets, a fizzy drink or any glass container.

Snacks & Milk

Children from Nursery through to Year 2 are provided with a piece of fruit at break time through the National Fruit Scheme. Children from Years 3 to 6 may bring fruit from home to eat at break time. Drinks from home need to be labelled to avoid confusion. In the junior playground there are several drinking fountains. Children may keep a bottle of water in class to sip during the day.

Nut Free School!

Due to some pupils having serious allergies, we operate a strict nut-free policy throughout the whole school.