School Diary Dates


11th – 15th Friendship week
11th Wear odd socks to school today as a way of celebrating your own uniqueness
 12th Reception classes and Full time Nursery scooter fit training in school
 14th Year 1 Phonics Workshops for parents 9am and 3.15pm
 15th Year 2 Anning Class Assembly
 18th Road Safety Week
 18th Year 5 trip to The Royal Observatory Grreenwich
 22nd Year 5 Columbus Class Assembly
 22nd Be Bright, Be Seen Day (wear your brightest clothes to school)
 27th Flu vaccinations in school – consent forms went out to parents wc/4/11/2019
 28th Year 6 Royal Opera House visit PM
 29th Year 3 Emidy Class Assembly


3rd Year 6 Gagarin Class Kew Archives visit
4th AM Nursery and Reception classes seasonal presentation 10.00am
5th PM Nursery and Reception classes seasonal presentation
5th Year 1 Church visit
6th Year 1 Franklin Class Assembly
7th PSA Bazaar 12 – 3pm
9th Book Fair in school this week
10th Christmas Lunch
11th Year 4 Tate Britain visit
13th Year 1 Darwin Class Assembly
16th PSA Discos after school today
19th Last day of Autumn term


7th School re- opens Welcome back
13th Year 3 Pedestrian training
15th Closing date for Nursery and Reception 2020 applications
17th Year 2 Lovelace Class Assembly
24th Year 5 Earhart Class Assembly
31st Year 1 Turing Class Assembly