The children attending St Mark’s Primary School are fortunate to be taught and mentored by a diverse and experienced team of teachers, teaching assistants and support staff.

Ms Liardet


Mrs Collins

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Dhaliwal

Reception Kahlo Class Teacher, Early Years Phase Leader

Mrs Jones

Year 2 Anning Class Teacher, Year 1, 2 and 3 Phase Leader, English Leader

Miss Judd

Year 4 Beethoven Class Teacher, Year 4, 5 and 6 Phase Leader, Maths Leader

Ms Lander

Special Educational Needs and DIsability Coordinator

Mr Briley

Year 6 Gagarin Class Teacher

Ms Booth

Year 6 Sharman Class Teacher

Miss James

Year 5 Columbus Class Teacher

Ms Murray

Year 5 Earhart Class Teacher

Mr Thomas

Year 4 Fitzgerald Class Teacher & PE Leader

Mr Walker

Year 3 Glennie Class Teacher

Mrs Adisa

Year 3 Emidy Class Teacher

Mrs Carrer

Year 2 Hawking Class Teacher

Miss Magern

Year 1 Franklin Class Teacher

Mrs Mohindru

Year 1 Darwin Class Teacher

Miss Moore

Year 1 Curie Class Teacher

Miss Thrower

Reception Matisse Class Teacher

Mrs Tabern

Monet Nursery Class Teacher PSHE Leader

Mrs Keating

Music Teacher

Mrs Wallis

Class Teacher

Mrs Morris

Early Years Practitioner

Ms Pearson

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Byron

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tuckwell

Teaching Assistant

Ms MacLeod

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Morgan

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss De Sousa

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Matsuda

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Eva

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Piggott

Teaching Assistant, Learning Support Assistant, SMSA

Mrs Thakrar

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fournier

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Miller

Learning Support Assistant



Teaching Assistant

Ms Masella

Senior School Business Manager

Mrs Englefield

Senior Administrator

Mrs Lonergan

School administrator

Mr McLean

Site Manager

Mr McLeod

Caretaker and Cleaner

Miss Beaumont

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Harrington

Senior SMSA

Mrs Paddison


Mrs Skorupska-Wojcik


Mrs Little


Mrs Qureshi


Miss Shafiq


Ms Reeve


Mrs Russell


Mrs Ramzan