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January 2016

Chinese New Year – themed lunch

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We will be learning about Chinese New Year and enjoying a Chinese themed lunch on Monday 8 February.

Harrison’s menu on the day will be as follows:

Main Meals:
Festive Golden Five Spice Chicken with lemon rice
Sweet and Sour Quorn with noodles

Vegetables of the day:
Sweetcorn and mixed peppers
Soy and Ginger Broccoli

Ginger Biscuit served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Peach and Lime puree
Fruit Yogurt
Fresh Fruit Platter

Selection of Salads

Slapped Cheek Syndrome

By | Miscellaneous

We have had a very small number of cases of slapped cheek syndrome, a viral infection that is most common in children. It usually causes a bright red rash to develop on the cheeks. It is normally a mild infection that clears up by itself but can be more serious if you are pregnant, have a blood disorder or a weakened immune system, in which case you should seek medical advice.

The link below provides further information:

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